Kotlin meets libGDX

Written in Kotlin

Utilizes language features like coroutines, type-safe builders and operator overloading to ease game development.

Based on libGDX

Extends a robust multi-platform game framework with highly modular and minimally opinionated Kotlin utilities.


KTX can be used to create desktop, Android and iOS applications. Supports other platforms through third-party libraries.


Our main goals are usability and stability. Comprehensive test suites are written for every KTX feature.

Well documented

Each module is documented by a guide with a list of its features and extensions, as well as API usage examples.


KTX sources are available on GitHub under CC0 license. We are open to contributions.

KTX modules

ktx-actors Extensions of Scene2D widgets.
ktx-app Application lifecycle management utilities.
ktx-artemis Artemis-odb entity-component system utilities.
ktx-ashley Ashley entity-component system utilities.
ktx-assets Assets handling extensions.
ktx-assets-async Asset loading via coroutines.
ktx-async Coroutines context using libGDX threading model.
ktx-box2d Type-safe builders and utilities for Box2D bodies, fixtures and joints.
ktx-collections Utilities for libGDX memory efficient collections.
ktx-freetype Improvements of TTF/OTF fonts loading API.
ktx-freetype-async TTF/OTF fonts loading via coroutines.
ktx-graphics Graphics and rendering tools utilities.
ktx-i18n Internationalization API improvements.
ktx-inject Lightweight, simplistic dependency injection without reflection.
ktx-json Utilities for libGDX JSON serialization API.
ktx-log Reduced runtime overhead logging.
ktx-math Math extensions and operator overloads.
ktx-preferences Application preferences management.
ktx-reflect Kotlin reflection utilities.
ktx-scene2d Type-safe Scene2D widget builders.
ktx-script A Kotlin scripting engine.
ktx-style Type-safe Scene2D styles builders.
ktx-tiled Tiled map editor utilities.
ktx-vis Type-safe VisUI widget builders.
ktx-vis-style Type-safe VisUI styles builders.


All KTX libraries are available through Maven Central.

Made with KTX


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Addictive 3D puzzle game inspired by the classic tangram puzzles.


Desktop Sources
Made in under 40 hours. Won the BialJam 2017 competition. Can you outlast the horde?

Beat The High Score

Google Play Sources KotlinConf talk
An example project created by David Wursteisen for a KotlinConf 2018 talk about Kotlin and libGDX.

Magic hat

Google Play App Store
An entertaining physics puzzle game. The goal is simple: get the ball into the hat. You shoot it by pulling your finger inside an outlined launch area and then letting it go.


Desktop Sources
Made in under 30 hours. Won the third price on the East Games United 2016 game jam. Eat smaller fish, grow bigger, repeat.

Neighbourhood Watch

Desktop Sources
Made in under 24 hours on the East Games United 2016 game jam. Clear the neighbourhood out of filthy wrongdoers!

Quilly's Adventure

Desktop Sources
An open source adventure game. Its development was streamed on Twitch. Uses a wide range of KTX modules.


Google Play Desktop Sources
A casual puzzle game inspired by the Tantrix board game.


A showcase of the Fleks entity-component-system framework.

Ore Infinium

Desktop Sources
Open source multiplayer Terraria-inspired sci-fi game.
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